Thursday, September 2, 2010

Superman, Banana and other happenings...

Jeff and I, along with two of my girlfriends, have taken up an exercise routine known around these parts as THE workout for crazy people.  P90X is an extreme ninety day workout and diet change regimen.  I almost wrote regime because it a little bit like a military boot camp.  

And yes, I am only on day two and I want to hurl my 3lb hand weights at the man on the tv because he is making me sweat and exercise.  Not to mention, I am not the most coordinated individual.  Let's say he yells, "left leg front, swing your right arm around and then turn your heels to meet the ceiling."  I'm all, what?  Is that even possible?  No sir, it is not.  My solution, just stand there and look dumbfounded and wonder to myself, "How did I end up on the floor doing a superman stretch and rolling over to stretch like a banana?  Is this normal behavior for an almost forty year old woman on a Tuesday afternoon?  Wait, today is Thursday.  See?  Not normal at all.

When not busy cooking very healthy but tasteless recipes and exercising until I am so red in the face that I am actually blue, I have been hauling people from here to there and back again.  This week has been so crazy busy.  It feels like someone took four hours out of the day.  I am a somewhat working mom and hope to work more once everything gets settled into place, but seriously, how in the world do people do this?  I feel like I have a calendar over my head and where I need to be pops up at a certain time so I can propel myself to my next destination.

So for now, I count my blessings that I have the opportunity to be part of my childrens' lives even if it means running around like a chicken with my head cut off.   I just need to enjoy it.



Anonymous said...

Excellent to have you back, Happy Mommy. Miss the blog! sounds like this workout regimen is a "party" all unto itself. I love these kind of commitments for myself as I prove that I am capable of sticking to a goal! I can see you with handweights curled! Good luck! Fall is a little stressful as everyone gets back into routine, but, it settles and it is good! Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

P90X sounds like a rare ane exotice ailment, and maybe it is, but You have found the key. "You just need to enjoy it". Life is great, just jump in and live it.

Anonymous said...

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Don't you like that? Great job and inspiring. I absolutely love this blog.