Thursday, September 30, 2010

The month o' happymommy...

Tomorrow begins the month of me!  October 1st marks the 6th year I have been married to my loving husband.  He has put up with my nonesense for six years of wedded matrimony and eight years total.  Who does that?  Oh, besides my mom, dad and sister.  I am not an easy woman to have as a wife.  My mood swings are monumental, I can't have the sniffles without declaring consumption and my ability to balance anything, much less a budget, is limited to walking around with a book on my head to show correct posture.

This month also marks my 40th birthday.  I LOVE my birthday.  I count down the days until the 17th and wave frantically at each and every item on my wish list.  This year:  an ipad, a new car, a personal shopper and an entire new wardrobe.  

What comes with this big birthday, however, is the realization that I am older.  40 is huge.  My entire life I have lived with a sort of low self-esteem.  These past six months I have struggled greatly with my weight.  I am trying hard to rectify the weight issue, but more importantly, I am trying to figure out how to love myself, no matter what my weight.  I have written about this before, and although I tell myself to be different, loving my physical self continues to be hard.  My husband loves me, my kids could care less but still I struggle.  Will this year be different?  I certainly hope so.

For now, I embrace the love of my husband, my children and my entire family.
I am blessed!


Anonymous said...

you are great and you are loved!
Being 40 is fabulous - sort of the
"Wow! is this what an adult feels like". It is a beautiful thing!
I am sure the countdown of 17 days until your actual BD will be filled with fun moments, good laughs and celebrations!
Well loved and better with each passing day! Happy Birthday Month!
Love the honesty of the blog -

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these comments. Happy anniversary. You are blessed. We are blessed

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