Monday, September 27, 2010

I can come up with excuses...

It is 94 degrees in the shade around here.  As Northern Californians, we are known as weather wimps.  But 94 degrees people?  In the shade?  I just got back from picking up Lilly at school and within one block, I was pouring sweat.  I was planning on getting James early from daycare and heading to the pumpkin patch.  But clearly, that is just insane.  Gave Lilly a lollipop instead so all is good with the world.

So instead of writing a long wonderful blog about life, I am going to sit in the coolest spot in my house, the bathroom.  Hope for cooler weather and more interesting fodder.



Anonymous said...

I get is very hot in the city, as well. I think it was over 90 at some point in the day so, unseasonably warm even for us in our warmest month. I am going to try to savor the sun and enjoy the warmth as I have been grumpy about fog and drizzle! Enjoy the cool of the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

It is not NC hot but it is hot. Sweat is
the big issue. Sweat is good but you
are right, we are spoiled. I will have to
say this in our defense. If I wanted to
be hot and live like some place outside
the Bay Area, why not go back to NC
and be hot. We are not for hot in
Northetn CA. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Since recently being in your area, I am feeling your pain. It very warm at that time, and we returned to our lovely state of Colorado and guess what, it is Hot! Sept., The month that should be in the mid
70's is breaking records in the 90's. Oh, well, there will be flying snow all too soon, so trying to enjoy!