Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And we are off the the races...

Not actual races mind you, but I have started jogging again.  Now, when I say jogging, I mean jogging combined with a ton of walking.  Since I overcame my near death sickness of last week, and not wanting to lose momentum, or gain any more weight, I decided to pick up the ol' running shoes and head out to convene with nature.  Since it is ungodly hot around here lately, I have had to run in the morning to avoid melting into the pavement and/or dirt.

Today, I decided to run/walk the Tennessee Valley Trail.  Now this lovely trail leads to an even lovelier beach and with this morning's weather, it was even more breathtaking than usual.  All along the trail there are other trails that lead to other beaches.  I felt very adventurous today and I even had on clothes that fit.  It was going to be a win for me.

I ventured of the beaten path and headed up the mountain (ok, hill) on my way to Rodeo Beach.  The trail went from normal to very small, steep and rocky within seconds.  Still running, I managed to wheeze my way up and over and around the bends.  Then, I looked down trying to avoid what looked like dog poo and much to my surprise, there was snake vomit.  Now, I know you are wondering, how does one recognize snake vomit?  Well a half digested slimy mouse indicates snake vomit or snake poo.  I jumped over it and continuing running.  Of course after that, all I could see were snake holes and other varmin and I started to panic.  I turned around and hightailed it down the mountain (ok, hill) and when I got back to the horrible little half eaten mouse, I jumped over it again.  I was breathing hard and actually quite scared because now I was being chased by snakes and most likely a lone rapist.  Once I got back to the main trail, I decided I needed something pretty to think about so I ran down to the beach.  The close beach where there weren't any snakes, half eaten mice or lone rapists.

Happy Tuesday!



Anonymous said...

Wow! There is a message here - stay on the main trails! Your spirit of adventure is admirable, but, hey, main trails! What a lovely reward for yourself - the beach is so beautiful and on a day like today, just the perfect picture. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Could be a sermon title: "stay on the
beaten path. " TN Beach is the most
gorgeous I have seen. So fortunate to
have it. The thing that use to amaze me
is that it is a no dogs beach but horses
are OK. Go figure.