Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not back, just visiting for a second...

These last few weeks tried to kill me.  Anyone who knows me knows that if I go too long, too hard and give too much, my body just stops.  I have been in bed for the last forty-eight hours with a hacking cough, a low-grade fever and the chills and sweats.  What fun!  I do feel that I am on the mend, and that is a good thing.  For some reason, when I am really sick all I want to eat are Hot Pockets and drink Sunny Delight.  I am pretty sure any progress I made in the last three weeks are gone.  Oh well, I can start again.

I just wanted to stop by to let everyone know I was somewhat alive.  The wedding was great but it is good to be home.

A love between a mother and a daughter is beautiful.
Well, until the daughter becomes a teenager and hates her mother, but we are a few years from that, I hope!



Anonymous said...

Nice to see you are at least partially back. Really miss the blog, the videos and the pictures.
With Hot Pockets and Sunny Delight as your diet of choice, you will no doubt be 100% very shortly!
Great picture of you and Lilly.
All good - you did a yoeman's job with houseguests, wedding plans, etc. so good to see you are home and getting it all back together!

Anonymous said...

Seems as though that wedding weekend took its toll on several. Maybe if I had done the hot pockets/sunny delight, I wouldn't be going in to the walk-in clinic this morning. Tell Lilly, I never should have doubted her ear ache!