Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Six and boy howdy....

I am on day six of my lovely P90X workout regimen.  I did the Kenpo X workout today.  Now this interesting workout involves a lot of kicking, punching and jumping around the room.  So, turns out, I would totally get pummelled if ever in a situation requiring a fist fight.  An uppercut?  What?  Left leg forward, punch out with your right hand and do some sort of tiger claw with your right all while kicking to the left.  Well, of course.  That comes naturally to me.  The side kick while your body leans away from the kick?  I did not end up on the floor.  No. I. Did. Not.  We practiced a ton of punches, and let's just face it.  I hit like a girl.  A slightly clumsy, physically challenged girl who, in a fight, would most likely end up on the floor before a punch, kick or tiger claw was even thrown.

I did manage to get both kids to school and day care this morning without falling down so that is a plus.  I must say, though, that getting the kids out of the house is a feat unto itself.  Tell me why Lilly and James wake up at 6:30/7:00 every weekend and holiday morning?  This morning, however, James slept until 7:20 and I had to wake up Lilly to get ready.  We brushed teeth, hair and threw apple bars down mouths.  We fought over (yes, she is 5, Lord help me) what to wear.  I packed snacks and ate my own breakfast while running through the house looking for the detangler for Lilly's hair.  We still had a five minute fight over trying to get tangles out of her long, curly and dread like hair.  I kept my cool and remembered my mom's adage of trying to make the mornings calm.  I don't remember calm mornings, but she said they happened and I tend to believe that she is telling the truth.

These next few weeks are going to be crazier and crazier with mornings that might be epic in patience testing.  My entire family is part of the wedding of the century.  As my friend Keely states, this is the YOJ:  Year of Jen.  Our best friend Jen is getting married in Napa in two weeks and we have approximately seven hundred and fifty-five people in and out of our house starting tonight.  Both Jeff and I revel in friends and family and happy events so this is a gift to us.  A slightly stressful gift, but a gift all the same.  I am a bridesmaid, Jeff is giving the bride away and is a groomsman and my dad is preforming the wedding.  To say we are involved is an understatement.  It will be such a big time and fun will be had by all.  Now, the P90X better come through and at least minus me three pounds.


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Anonymous said...

Totally worn out from that P90X workout description. Kicking, jumping and punching - this should definitely be a You Tube video!
Wow - good luck with this!
Mornings will settle down, for sure. It just takes a little practice, some deep breaths and prior planning and all will go well. After the P90X routine, getting the kids ready for school in the mornings should be a piece of cake! Red Velvet cake!