Sunday, December 12, 2010

My child was lost.... And I lost it....

If I write one more time about how I have nothing to blog about I am going to put forks in my eyeballs.  But honestly, I have nothing to write about these days.  I mean my life isn't boring and I have much blog fodder, but the need to write about it all is next to none.  I try, in my head, but getting in "on paper" is just plain hard. 

I did have the pleasure of spending yesterday afternoon with some fabulous people while we waited out the "dry run" for Lilly's dance recital.  There were more laughs and oh my lordy moments in that hour of waiting than I have had in awhile!  Shout out to Kris for being awesome and enduring an hour of crazy with the parents of 5 year olds!

The Dance....
Not the greatest of dances, but oh so cute!

And then there was today...
James is dressed and ready to go...

We went to a fabulous Christmas party with people from every walk of life.  Santa was there, food was abundant the the kid to adult ratio was like 32:1.

I will not go into the specifics of why my son was unsupervised for about two minutes, but needless to say, those two minutes sent me into a panic.  Two minutes led to 5 minutes which led to many more minutes.  I was running around thinking oh he is just here.  Oh, I'll find him there.  Ten minutes later, I still can't find him.  By this time, I am hyperventilating.  I have images of him being stuck under the pool cover.  Maybe he fell down the stairs and broke his neck and no one can find him.  I am running around like a lunatic:  STRAIGHT INTO A GLASS PATIO DOOR!  I don't stop for a second.  Now, all the other party attendees keep saying, "are you ok?"  "did you lose something?"  YES, YES, I DID LOSE MY CHILD.  DO NOT MIND ME RUNNING INTO THE GLASS DOOR JUST GO HELP ME FIND MY SON!.

Over the last two years I have cussed my son.  He cried the first six months of his life.  He whines a lot.  He is very particular and needs things just so.  But if something were to ever happen to him, there really are no words.  He laughs, has the best humor and is one of three people that I will never be able to live without.  And then there are stories like this out there.  Really, world?  Really?

My brother-in-law found James playing baseball in the corner of the back yard; just happy as a clam.  Leave it to my BIL to make everything right.  I haven't hugged and kissed James more than I did tonight. 

I am tired.  Exhausted and overwhelmed.  And my head hurts from running into the glass door.  But my children are alive and healthy.  I couldn't ask for anything better than that!



Anonymous said...

Wow! That is quite a bit of drama
for an afternoon party with Santa,
presents and everything else! I
do see this in my mind's eye and
just imagine how frightening this
would be. And, then to find James happily at play! All good - except for the glass patio door!
Rest, relax, enjoy James and get
ready for the season! Loved the
ballet video!

Anonymous said...

That story sends chills down my spine as it could certainly be straight out of my diary with only one change-his name is Jeffrey, not James. Oh, yes, and there wasn't a patio door. And it was in a shopping Mall. But great ballet!

Anonymous said...

Without waxing toward anything, sometimes things cause us to be more thankful, on top of things. Who knows but my view always is lesson learned. Writing about these things make us all better and more aware and that is no small thing.

Anonymous said...

James knew exactly where he was. It is the parents who are lost. Case in point: I remember when I about Lilly's age, I walked down the street toward the Lakeside Speedway because the car noise was "calling" me (strange I know). I felt I was fine, Mom and Dad didn't. I think I got a lot of hugs also! Love you!

Kris Mulkey said...

Hey! had a great time with you guys at the before recital "meeting!" it was fun getting a chance to finally chat with you again. And I love your friends!

Sorry you had such a scare with James later. My sister used to disappear like that all ALL THE TIME. Made my mom crazy!!

Hang in there!