Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pictionary and other Christmas stories

I am not going to write too much about how I have a sick child.  I mean the panic of having a little boy with a 104.5 fever is enough to make me want to write about nothing.  It was pointed out to me by one of my readers (HI SHARON!)  being sick in Denver over Christmas is a holiday tradition with my family.  So, I am embracing the sickness and hoping it goes away soon! 

Grandpa comforting the sick child!  AWWW!

One family traditon that I wish I still embraced was playing board games, card games and other fun non-tv or computer activities.  However, Jeff and I aren't really game players, and neither is his family.  I think sometimes it would be nice if we would all sit around and play cards or a board game, but I leave this to my parents and sister's family.  

I remember many times when I was younger playing Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary with my sister and parents.  Most likely I was rolling my eyes, willing the phone to ring so I could talk to my friends who were sure to be doing something much more exciting.  Every once in a while I acknowledged I was having a good time and even smiled!

My father was, and turns out is still the most epic of Pictionary players.  His drawing remains unmatched and honestly might need to be in the Museum of Modern Art!  

Guess this drawing...

Or better yet this one...

And I dare you to guess this one...
Happy Holidays from the entire happymommy family!


Drawing 1:  Dracula
Drawing 2:  The Solar System
Drawing 3:  Rope Climber (of course it is!  Of course!)


Anonymous said...

Good blog! Legendary games have
been played, that is for sure.
Maybe when Lilly and James are older, they will want to play games and you will take up the tradition once again! Poor little
James - hopefully, he is 100% by the time Santa arrives!

Anonymous said...

Glad James Raz is better. Hope the little guy is on the mend for Santa's visit. I have no doubt that JR will be a fabulous pictionary player. It is in his genes.