Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Parties...

Tonight is my husband's work annual holiday extravaganza.  In the three years Jeff has been with his company we have been to Vegas for the night, an Italian joint, Sonoma for wine tasting, a grand meal and an overnight and this year we are headed to Brazil.  Not the actual Brazil, but a restaurant where waiters walk around with meat on a stick and you eat until you pass out from the glutony.  I am looking forward to the Brazilian experience tonight at this restaurant.  Supposedly there is dancing as well as eating until you die!

On another note, Lilly is in the process of taking a break from writing her letter to Santa.  So far this year, we want Zhu Zhu pets (kill me now), some follow Thomas thing that will ensure I die and new ice skates.  Although she will not get all of this, or even any of it, it is entertaining to watch her get excited about Santa.  We will go see him tomorrow in a parade by our house.  The joy of watching a young one start to appreciate the tradition is exciting.  Ok, who am I kidding?  The girl just wants things.

Wish me luck at my overeating adventure.


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Anonymous said...

Santa letters are the best part!
Yesterday on HWY 99 on the way to Clovis, we saw two very large Harleys with equally large riders.
One had a leather jacket on with
"Bikers for Jesus" on the back.
The other riding a bright red motorcycle, had on a full Santa Suit, beard, hat and black shiny boots! Ah, Christmas - nothing quite like it! Hope the Brazilian
food was fabulous!