Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hockey and Elbows....

Before I start into my normal fun quips about family events and pictures of my cute children, I want to give tribute to a wonderful woman whose life was cut short today by the awfulness that is cancer.

Elizabeth Edwards died today after a six year battle with breast cancer.  She was a dignified and proud woman who led her life with grace and class.  She lost a child at a young age, and one may say she has now joined him to watch over her other children from afar.  A woman, a mother and a wife; she was all of these and she did them better than I could ever hope to do.  We will miss the guidance this woman could have offered us should she have escaped this deadly disease.  She will be missed.

I have no segue from that to just yacking nonsensically about my life and my cute children.  Sorry.

Jeff plays league hockey twice a week.  It does not affect our family life because the crazy man plays at 10:45 most nights and leaves long after the children are in bed.  Last night was the final playoff game for his Monday night league.  He made the game winning goal and got hit  in the elbow with a frozen puck going 50 miles an hour. 

Um, not good. 
 And yes, this is his elbow.  He swears it is fine.  We shall see...

Last month we went to A Night in Bethlehem at my church with our friends.
Great fun was had...

James was especially entertained!
And yes, he is wearing his Brobe headband from Yo Gabba Gabba Live.

We are preparing for our yearly Denver trip by getting out the jackets and the boots for snow.  I am a weather wimp and need no snow gear as I don't go in the snow, but the kids are a different story.  
Lilly is good to go.

Happy Holidays!



Anonymous said...

Happy to see you back! Blog aways makes me chuckle - thanks! I was
so sad to learn about Elizabeth Edwards - her dignity and grace amidst adversity is a model for us all. Right to the end!

And, then, there is Jeff's elbow!
Whoa - but, then to score the winning goal must have made it all

Great blog! Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tribute to Elizabeth Edwards. God bless her on her journey.

Anonymous said...

Very nice tribute to Elizabeth Edwards! Such a nasty diseae!
Then there is the elbow! Can you imagine what his mother might be saying right now?((***!!