Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The outside, in....

Because this is the month o' happymommy, I have decided to write about the people in my life who are beyond important to me.  For the next twelve days or so, I will be sharing with you stories of those who are a part of my life, who make a difference, and who, for better or worse, have the "privilege" of loving me.  I will be working my way from the outside to the inside.

Let's start with my friends.  I have a group of them, some with whom I spend way too much time, and some whom I see rarely but every time I do, it is like we saw each other yesterday.

These people put up with my drama.  My happiness, to anger, back to happiness can happen at the speed of sound.  Yet, these people still love me.  Drama surrounds me, mostly of my own making, but still, these people remain.  

Because my family was so nomadic growing up and since I carried this need to constantly move and morph into adulthood, I have few friends from those times who are still part of my life.  I lost one two years ago, and that was heartbreaking.  I miss her.  I am angry at her to this day, but would forgive her in a heartbeat if she were to ever ask.  Tomorrow is her birthday and I would love to have her back.  I also have another friend from a past life and I keep up with her on Facebook.  I care deeply for her and her family.  There is another one whom I have known a lifetime but even though I never see her,  I consider her family!
 Poor Girl has known me since we were 13!
And then there are those that are in my life because of Jeff.  He came with about a billion friends and each of them I consider close friends.  They come with craziness and happiness. They give my family so much joy that when we see them, we embrace each second together.

Finally, we have those who deal with me weekly and even daily.  Maybe these friends don't know they mean more to me than I can express.  But I love them.  Each of them.  They bring me such joy and I am lucky to have them.



Anonymous said...

Totally great! Lucky to have friends and to be a friend!
Enjoyed this blog!

EP said...

I haven't been keeping up but I'm curious to hear more as you get to the inside. Nice idea.

Anonymous said...

I love you girl! Honored to have you as my friend!