Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More complaining

I will only complain for a second about this subject which seems to be consuming my every minute these days.  I continue to gain about one pound a week, so now I am officially bigger than I have ever been in my life except for when I was with child.  There is absolutely no way I am with child, so I can not blame this on anything other than myself.  I started running again yesterday and instead of thinking about my double, ok, triple chin and the extra rolls around my  mid-section, I conentrantrated on this....

A beautiful morning, a beautiful place no matter what my size!

We had our first kindergarten parent teacher conference today.  Lilly is doing great socially and academically.  Her teacher loves her.  Any concerns I had were put to rest and we are so very proud.  I had no doubt that she would do great, but to hear how great she actually is doing was wonderful.

And James, well, he is James.
Never A Dull Moment!
Pink Glasses and all...

PS:  I have four more people to write about if I can quit complaining about my weight.  I love them so much they deserve all my attention and thought.  I am working on the posts in my head first. :)


Anonymous said...

love this..James is having a great time, for sure. so happy to hear about Lilly's good report. I am surely not surprised..she is one great little girl! As for the weight, keep running. It works!

Good luck..I know you will make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Lilly is great! James is great! Jeff is great! Rachael is great! No one need think about weight! Look at the Coloroado couple, they should worry, but they don't! We are what we are, and we Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Rach., so much to be grateful for. And, being shape and health is always the issue. Poud of you and thanks for this great blog.

Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly know how you feel about the weight thing. Just keep it goin'! And, as far as the Colorado couple---we DO care! Just have to wrap our minds around it and get it done.