Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first controversial post...

I wanted to write about cyber bullying today.  About how children and teenagers around the world are being bullied into submission and consequently commit suicide because they can not move beyond the hatred. 

I wanted to write about the venom spewed toward gays and the animosity put upon those individuals who want to marry their partners, but can't because they are the same gender.

I wanted to write about the racial prejudice that is still so prevelant in our country.

I wanted to write about the hatred being thrown around this country and this world in the name of God.

But I am not going to bring anymore credence to these horrible injustices, and crimes, than are already out there.  I am taking my stand in my own way.  I will oppose the hatred, love EVERYONE, raise my children to do the same and I will NOT stand by and listen to anyone who attempts to validate the thought that Jesus would be anything other than loving to everyone no matter the life they lead and the choices they make.  I am a Christian and my faith does not allow me to believe that this is right and it certainly isn't in His name.

Controversy or not, this is my Jesus, my God and my choice.

Ok, off to watch Modern Family now.  Oh and GO GIANTS!


PS:  I am aware that there will be many of my readers who will abandon me, write hateful comments and unfollow me on twitter.   I am taking my stand today.  I will no longer stand by in silence and while people represent hate in the name of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I totally support this decision.
The hatred, isolation, despair we are seeing exhibited in lives must be stopped and can only be done so
in love. Congratulations on taking a stand.

Anonymous said...

When did we begin to be so judgmental and cynical about someone elses beliefs,and,think that our way is the only way? Where did our tolerance and love for one another go? Conratulations for saying this out loud for any and all to hear! Great post!