Thursday, October 14, 2010

An open letter to my mom...

I am not sure I can put into words how I feel about my mom.  So instead of writing about all the wonderful things she does for me, I am writing an open letter.


I am sorry I was such a hard teenager and adult.  I finally got it together about seven years ago but without your support, financially and physically, I would have never made it to the wonderful life I have now.  I was hard Mom and I know that.  I hope that Lilly never talks to me or treats me the way I did you.

I remember when you taught me to ride a bike.  I remember when I learned how to rhyme words with duck and you didn't have a heart attack. I remember when you took me to buy lipstick on my first day of middle school in a strange place.  I remember you took a u-turn in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge because I needed that lipstick.  I remember that you taught me to drive.  I remember when I crashed the car, twice, and you still didn't kill me. I remember so many more life changing events with you right there by my side.

I watched you love me even when I didn't deserve a whole lot of love.  You gave me the power to make mistakes and fail and finally learn.

Today, mom, I love you more than words can convey.  My children adore you and you love them with reckless abandon.  You gave me the gift of life and every single day of my almost forty years you have given me so much more.

I love you mom.  You are my hero but better yet, you are my friend!


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Anonymous said...

Rach, what a lucky Mom to receive such a beautiful letter. It is all about what we have become, isn't it? And, to think, we are really just getting started! Mothers and Daughters - the concept that defies description.
I think you are the real hero -becoming the person that you are.