Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh the things we must do...

We are about to embark on a huge renovation to our house.  We are talking eighteen months of life upheaval but the end result will be worth it.  We have been in the planning, permit and replanning stages for the last two years.  The latest requirement is to be green builder certified before you start the work.  I am happy to help the planet, but it does seem just one more way for someone to make more money.  I worry about this.

Lilly starts real school next week and along with getting new shoes and clothes, she will be getting new friends.  I worry about this.

James is still number 7 on the waiting list at the preschool I want him to attend.  He may not get in until he is three.  I worry about this.

My work is slow going and it is clear that I will need to work harder and longer to make a success of this.  Do I want to?  I have such flexibility and even though I make no money unless I sell something, the stress is next to nothing.  I enjoy it when I take the time to work but will I always?  I worry about this.

I am still not losing weight, but I am not exercising or watching what I eat, so I guess I can't really worry about that.

A story from our houseboat vacation with family and friends...

A family friend was on the houseboat along with his two sons.  One son, an eighth grader who may have been one of the nicest, sweetest boys I have ever encountered in my life.  He was great with adults, children and he seemed to be having the time of his life.  His brother, a fifth grader, has a degenerative enzyme disease.  He is not supposed to be alive today.  His father, a truly wonderful man, was so patient and loving and caring for both his kids.  He enjoyed himself and made sure that BOTH his boys were having a memorable experience.

I am sure this man has many worries and heartaches as he watches his son.  I am sure he worries about money, careers, his sons and his overall life.  But for three days, he had no worries.  He embraced the now and enjoyed the adventure.

I need to learn how to do this more often.


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Anonymous said...

I love did I miss this? I
think you are just like others in your family with a "free floating cloud of worry" floating overhead
and it lands on things throughout the day! Good thoughts with the things you are worrying about -
usually the best remedy is to laugh about them until there is really something to worry about! Loved it - well said!