Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eating, Reading and BlogHer...

Every night I struggle to make a dinner that James will eat.  He won't eat anything that isn't yogurt, strawberries or grapes.  I have refused, up until tonight to try to vary from what I make the rest of us, but I worry that he isn't getting enough.  It is so frustrating.  Tonight I made a great pasta dinner and started the kids with a yogurt parfait.  James ate the strawberries and the yogurt.  I then gave the kids sauteed zucchini fresh from the farmers market.  He tried one, spit it out and then handed me the plate.  I didn't even try to give him pasta.  Lilly, of course, ate it all and we gave her so many kudos for doing so.  I am at such a loss as to how to get him to eat.  Is it a stage?  He is destined to be a vegan?  It is fine if he is, but he won't eat tofu, so what?  I am frustrated and really OVER trying to figure out my kid's appetite. 

Look at him.  
He is obviously healthy.  Do I just let it be?

In an attempt to figure out all of this nutrition and child craziness, Lilly and I spent the morning at the library and park.  It dawned on me that I love to read ANYTHING other than parenting books.  I read enough of these when I was pregnant with Lilly and then when I thought I was losing James early in my pregnancy.  Then, I read enough books about colic and digestion issues when James was a baby because he wouldn't stop crying and I knew I could find the reason in a book.  I don't want to read anymore parenting books.  I want to experience my child.  Circumstances change and I am sure I will need to read about bullying, making the most of a gifted (yes, I am sure they are both gifted) child and dealing with teenagers.  But for now, I will be frustrated and while I look at my baby's belly I will just continue doing what I do.

I am a mommy and a blogger.  I am one among many.   Right at this moment approximately 2400 women writers, and many men as well, are descending on New York City for BlogHer 2010.  This conference is full of mommy bloggers, travel bloggers, food bloggers, tech bloggers, Christian bloggers, recovering bloggers and so many more.  Since I am addicted to Twitter and most of the people I follow are writers, mommies and bloggers, I am in the know.  In no way do I want to be at BlogHer, but I do like to hear how we as a group of strong women (and men) who write about what we know garner something as important as a conference; not to mention one in NYC!  



Kris Mulkey said...

I wish I was going to BlogHer too. I feel like I'm missing out . But we can't do everything.

As far as James is concerned, some kids are picky and stubborn. Do what feels right. Who cares If he eats Dino nuggets and applesauce every night- which is what my niece survived on for 6+ yrs.

Don't worry. If he's hungry he'll eat.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Let it be..he is healthy, running, jumping, growing, gaining weight.
He is smart, learning new things, sleeps well, is alert and obviously
very bright. Every now and then he eats mac and cheese, a cherry tomato and some cottage cheese. I think you are doing what is right in fixing a good family meal and James can eat it or eat grapes and yoghurt until he gets ready to enhance his menu choices. He will
in his own time!