Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Work is getting in the way of my pool time...

This summer, or really the last two weeks including our Disney trip, I have spent a crazy amount of time at the pool.  I haven't done this in years, decades to be honest, and I am loving it.  Lilly is out of school and James is around three days a week and we have to find things to do.  The pool is a perfect way to spend the day.  My dermatologist would think otherwise, but I am having a great time.  The kids are too.

It all must end tomorrow since I have an all day work conference, my boss is in town and I have another meeting on Friday.  Whoa, whoa is me.

For now, there are dreams and wishes for us all to embrace.
The impossible IS possible.


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Anonymous said...

Everyone seems happy with the pool arrangement and definitely there is the Vitamin D glow. How great it is to spend a summer day by the pool. How great is it to have a summer day in the Bay Area this summer? Relax and enjoy!
Lilly's amazed face is a beautiful sight! Disney is a magic place - am amazed with the number of childless adults who go every year!