Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The laundry is done, now what?...

Today:  a good day!  The laundry is done, the house is somewhat clean, the kids are behaving (I'll kick myself for this one soon, I am sure) and hubby is treating us to Mexican.  So, dinner done.  Worries, well, I have them, but I always have them.

So today, as I planned to many moons ago, I will share some links.  My favorite writers with much to share.

Beth Spotswood - My FAVORITE writer who is always witty, sarcastic and a local.
     -She also blogs for CBS Eye on Blogs, so she is even more awesome!

Aiming Low - A place for all mommies

Airborne Press - Current Events, Politics, Humor, Family and Books

CityMama - Because she is fabulous & one of the founders of CleverGirls!

**The Bloggess
- there are no words for this hysterical woman!**

**Barefoot Foodie - Her writing is always awesome, but today's post read my mind!**

Rechelle Unplugged - A writer who brings me back every time.  Don't agree with her views on Christianity, but that doesn't mean I don't think she is a great writer and a good person!

I Am Bossy - Cuz she is funny!

Mamapundit - A woman, blogger, social media maven and all around amazing writer whose unimaginable experiences over the last few months, and probably years inspires grief, joy and thoughtfulness.  

Please note the **nsfmmomil** (not safe for my mom or in-laws due to cussing or sexual innuendo. Mom & in-laws and others, you decide for yourself.)

I am leaving out many more, but I will try to remember to do this more often.

In the mommy blogging world today is supposed to be WW - Wordless Wednesday.  I did the opposite!  I am a REBEL!


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Anonymous said...

I will check into each of these blogs ..I am in awe of bloggers..
it takes so much thought and time so I applaud everyone's efforts!
thanks for sharing. So glad your world is spinning nicely today!