Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vacation and baseball recovery....

My little family has been recovering from four days of vacation a day of rest, then Giant's Opening Day at the beautiful AT&T Park.

The Crew gets ready to board the "party" bus at 11am in the morning. Yes, in the morning!

And this is what happens after you spend an hour on the party bus!

Then you spend a glorious day enjoying the baseball and the people!

After a few days off from writing, I have taken stock of a few things. I don't have a ton of readers. Mostly my family and friends and a few strangers that find me through who knows where. I have no stats installed so no way to really figure out how many people visit my little world on the internet. So often, I forget that maybe some people don't want constant pictures of themselves or want me talking about things that only matter to me and my world. I started to think that maybe I need to change the way I write and what I post.

Then, through twitter I encountered writing and lives of people who share so much. People who are beyond consolable about the grief that has entered their lives through the loss of a child. I have thought of nothing but this family, and then these parents and finally this woman and what she and her family have endured over the years. The anger, passion and grief shared is unknown to me. I am blessed to have my family and my life. Writers share and I share. On such a different level, believe me, I know, but I will continue to share and write.

Then The Bloggess (nsfmmomil***) wrote about her outrage on the poor girl trying to go to her senior prom with her girlfriend. It wasn't about the court case or being gay. It was about WHAT THE PARENTS SANCTIONED and HOW THE SCHOOL ALLOWED SUCH PAIN AND NONSENSE TO OCCUR. Like The Bloggess (nsfmmomil***), I was dumbstruck and so very sad.

I hope to continue to "meet" the others out there who share their stories of humor, of grief and of triumph.



Anonymous said...

There probably are ways to increase your "readership" if that
is a word. But, keep this in mind:
for your family and friends, being
up to date on your little family is
very important - and, it is very
refreshing to the world at large
that you get gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation for
good things and joy in the lives of your children and your good life. So, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You are such a good writer and getting better. One has to write for themselves and their own personal satisfaction. Writing an honest view of what you feel especially about your blogging is a wonderful thing, kind of a disclaimer in a way. And, you are kind of a voice "crying in the wilderness." I read about the plights that you referenced that I would not have, had it not been for you. Thank you. There are those who will vicariously blog through you and that is no small thing. God bless you and God bless "Merica."