Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break Road Trip.....

Happy Easter from happymommy and her family!

Bonnets and flower dresses....!
Happy Day, Easter and He is risen! John 3:16
Oh, and it is Jeff's Birthday!
Wow, today is busy!
And we went on a road trip.

I have no words, and after five hours in the car with Jeff, Lilly and James, I can only offer pictures.

Oh wait, I do have words. Let's start with the three meltdowns in the car AFTER we left the house at 1pm. The child that refused to nap the first three hours and our dog that had an ACCIDENT in my parent's very swanky lobby when we dropped him off. Or, what about the horrible man that made very mean comments about my children when we finally found a restaurant to fill our empty bellies. He ruined the first half of my Easter dinner with my wonderful team. Thankfully, I had Jeff to talk me down off the ledge. I wish I had pictures of all of this. However, I only have happy, funny pictures.

Our day....

People napped!

People did not nap!

People got very excited about the hotel room!

People drank!



Anonymous said...

What a fun trip. Bring pleasant is a big thing. The goal is never to be cranky or in a mood as they do not exist. The man who was cranky at dinner about the children was certainly not a grandpa. I did have an interesting experience at the bookstore the other day. This couple was at the door to go out. They had a baby in a Kes age in a stroller and another little guy about three. He would not go out the door and he was in such a place nobody could get out. She kept saying to him, please move out of the way. He was worse, by this time there's about five of us trying to get out. She is still trying to reason with him. One guy was irate and said something to her. Finally an alert store person came over and blocked one door so we could get out. My thought was that the little kid needed a tour in the Marines. 

Anonymous said...

Let's see ... Lilly looked absolutely beautiful in her Easter best ... thanks to Bubba for keeping swank lobbies in perspective, and what is it the bumper stickers say about mean people ... oh, yes, "they suck." Three cheers for Jeff and his ability to see past it all. Enjoy the road trip!