Friday, April 2, 2010

The duck in the gas station....

We had a day of eating out, asparagus and fun! I don't take a lot of time in my life for just my friends, and when I have a day of nothing but friends and fellowship, I forget HOW MUCH I LOVE MY PEEPS! New friends and old friends. I treasure these people and as we grow as friends, we begin the joy of watching our children become friends.

James & Lilly

And yes, that is my son running around wearing fairy wings.
I am fine with it!

And yes, I am fine with it!
Brought to you by Sesame Street!

The happymommy crew is heading out of town for Spring Break. We have people watching the house, the dog and the cat. So no need to try to rob us. We are covered! I may try to blog from the road, but probably not. Enjoy your weekend and remember.... Easter. I am.

Thanks Cousin Chase for reminding me of this and thank you Johnny Cash and The Carter Family!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!
James and his new friend - are you
kidding me..he is going to love
Daycare and making new friends.
The guy is a natural!
So glad you had a great day - friends, peeps and new peeps. It
does not get any better than this!
And, go figure, ending the day with
Johnny Cash cannot be all bad!