Thursday, April 29, 2010

Creativity and Baby Showers.....

I am giving a baby shower this weekend and like a lot of things, I have decided to over do and under plan. Thank goodness for my mom, because she has taken a 1/4 of the pressure off me. It will be such a fun event and meaningful to my cousin-in-law. Is that an actual thing? Cousin-in-law. It is kind of like trying to figure out who is a cousin once removed, or 2nd cousin. My sister and I endured like a four hour dissertation from my dad one time on this very subject. This is the same man who has a little trouble playing Pictionary, so our eyes glazed over after five minutes, but still if you need to know, he will tell you.

A Pictionary drawing done by my dad.

It's a Tumbleweed

An Actual Tumbleweed

The resemblance is uncanny

Since the tumbleweed drawing above by my dad is actually a recreation done by me, it is pretty obvious where I got my creative genes. It is this lacking in creativity that is making the baby shower so daunting. I googled some baby shower ideas and I found these. I mean really.

Babbling Brooke - First of all, this woman is an amazing friend and the design of everything is breathtaking. Pretty sure she wasn't visiting the $ Store looking for last minute decorations. Help.

Plan the Perfect Baby Shower - This is an entire website dedicated to planning a baby shower. I have nothing else.

Baby Shower - This is another website for planning a baby shower. I have nothing else.

Baby-Shower - Oh my goodness, there is another one. I have nothing else.

They are taking over the interwebs!

Needless to say after googling the very simple word, baby shower, I started to hyperventilate. I had done very little planning beyond the food. Well, you know what?  Food is where I shine. Yes, that is it! I may not be able to draw a tumbleweed, but I can bake a cupcuke! So there!



Anonymous said...

great blog - and the shower will
be fabulous because when it is all
said and done, it is really all about the food. Since this is where you shine, all will be just
great! It will be perfect, I am

Nickie Frye said...

Just do the Interesting-Fact-In-A-Bowl game. You know, everyone writes down something that no one else knows about them & puts it in a bowl. Pull them out one by one & try to guess who wrote the fact. No lying, though. All facts must be true. :)

Anonymous said...

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