Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still feel yuck... And a goodbye...

I am still sick. I have a fever of 101 and am achy and for some reason ravenously hungry. My husband is coming home today after a 24 hour trip to do something fun. I know, I should have asked him to stay home but I was fine and he will be home in an hour or so with some really trashy food for me to eat so I can lie in bed for the rest of the day and night so I can get back to my life tomorrow.

Instead of watching my beloved Golden Girls all morning which usually would have made me feel better, I read blogs. Hundreds of blogs. There are millions of them out there and so far, I have found some great ones. If I didn't feel like I was run over by a car, I would share them with you. Maybe tomorrow.

Fine, here are a couple:
Doc's Sunrise Rants. She seems a little angry, but she explains that.
I Am Bossy: Cracks me right up and actually made me forget I was sick.
Erin Vey: Come on! Pictures of dogs. What isn't healing about that?

Speaking of cars, mine is going goodbye. My 2007 Volvo S40's lease is up and we are giving it back. We don't need two cars. We have Jeff's 2004 Nissan Xterra and it is actually more suited to carry around my kids, all their gear and me. Since Jeff mainly works from home, he can go days without needing his car. I keep telling myself all these things, but the honest truth is that I will miss my Volvo. It carried my babies around for three years, endured cheerios in every crevice, pacifier throwing, a colicky baby for six months, being mistaken for a trash can on more than one occasion and she even kept my children and I alive after a horrible accident. I will miss her.

I look forward to making some money at my new job for many reasons. Right up there on top of the list of things I need to buy with my new found fortune is my actual dream car. I have to get healthy so I can actually work so I can make that money so I can get my car! I guess I could stop reading blogs, or writing my own blog and work instead but I don't have the energy! :)

Just because... The Bubba makes me smile....

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Anonymous said...

Saying goodbye to a car is no small thing. I've often thought about writing a book about the cars we've owned. My favorite was a yellow corvair convertible for 10 years. I think we bond with our cars. In the day, it was chevys and fords, now it is volvos, porche,BMW (basic Marin wheels); You have to wish the volvo the best and the next family will love it as much. God bless the Volvo.