Monday, November 9, 2009

I got's the pneumonias

So, after a weekend of coughing and trying to pretend all was well, I finally went back to the doctor to be told I have pneumonia. "It depends on who you see." Well that sounds a little wonky. Anyway, my dad told me about nine million times this morning to be aggressive. So guess what, I was aggressive. Told the doctor I had two children, four and one, and couldn't mother them if I continued to feel this way. I got antibiotics and an inhaler and was told to buy Mucinex. I feel complete health is right around the corner. Thanks dad! I was aggressive, and I am proud!

Speaking of my dad... His book, Brothers, A Somewhat True Memoir has me in tears. Happy tears mind you and not a result of my sickness or being tired. I am in awe of him and his brothers; my uncles. So far, my favorite visual from the beautiful narrative is one of my grandfather, whom I never had the privilege of meeting, going to ECU, overalls and all, to see my Uncle Raz to give him $20 so he could pledge a fraternity. What a beautiful moment.

I am proud to be an Autry!

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