Sunday, November 8, 2009

An emotional crazy day

I had the privilege of sharing time with some wonderful women for brunch. These ladies are all connected to me through the wonderful Rosie. She passed away just over a year ago and we continue to try to make time for eachother while we celebrate her life. Her sister is one of the ring leaders making sure we get together at least every six months. She too is a cancer survivor and as of today, has a CLEAN bill of health. Thank you Lord!

This wonderful brunch was followed by the craziest phone call from an old family friend, the father to one of my oldest friends who really is no longer my friend. This woman is not in my life because of one too many burnt bridges and just plain insanity. Turns out, she needs help. She is on her way to a very long journey of discovering sobriety. I hope beyond hope that she finally finds some peace. I want this for her, but remain extremely skeptical if she wants it for herself or if she is just searching for a way out of whatever she did to her life this time.

I arrived home from the spectacular brunch with the ladies, and the mind-blowing phone call from the Old Family Friend, to find Family Football Sunday in full force.

I remain so happy that this is my life, my family and my journey. This is my home and my heart!

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Anonymous said...

Your kids are too cute!!
Jay (rio vista)