Friday, March 11, 2011

Today was a day...

I started out the day stepping in a big ol' pile of dog poop.  The garage at our house is out to get me and so to avoid crashing the car into the side of the building, I sometimes ask Jeff to move the car for me.  Today, as I stood waiting for Jeff to deal with me and my fear of running through a wall, I stepped in poop.  I told Jeff to throw away my shoes and bring me new ones, which was met with a "are you crazy my dear wife" look.  I proceeded along my day, dropped the kids off, met a friend for a FABULOUS breakfast and then came home to work.

Took the dog out for a potty break which means I cleaned up after my dog.  Came back in the house and was met with a "we have to go get Lilly, there has been an accident."  I freaked out, was told to calm down and then I drove.

Thankfully my dad was already waiting at Lilly's school for her normal Friday afternoon with Opa and Grandma. Lilly sat in the nurse's office being entertained by Opa telling stories about my childhood injuries and how my sister pushed me off the porch when we lived in Kansas and how I had to get stitches on my head too.  Lilly's wonderful teacher came down to read Lilly's special SuperStar book to her while they waited for me to get there. 

I found this when I arrived...
I started crying, in an I am ok, but look at my child kind of way...
If my dad hadn't been there to ease Lilly's discomfort and my panic, it would have been worse...
Well this is about the saddest little girl.  Ok, not the saddest.  The saddest was the little baby who couldn't stop screaming because she was so sick.  Or, the mother who brought her child in via ambulance because he had a seizure.  Or the wife whose husband of fifty years had suffered his second stroke in three months.  Those were sad.

We are all good now.  Lilly has four staples in her head.
She is fine.  We are all fine.  I didn't even faint!

There are so many more that are not fine today.  Japan is not fine.  We owe it to our fellow humans to get out there and do something.  And to do something means GIVE MONEY!  Help!  This is a disaster that is unprecendented and the human loss in lives is unknown and growing every minute.  Step up my readers.  Give $5 or a $100.  We are all in this together.  Take a moment to realize the extent of this tragedy and give what you can.  We have family, homes and our lives.  So many have lost all of these.



epaisley said...

Lilly had to end her Superstar week with a dramatic exit! She really is a SUPERSTAR!

Anonymous said...

I see the look in her eyes and it makes my stomach ache. But, she is fine now and had quite the ending to her week of being the Superstar, didn't she?
She will have this story to tell
for years to come. Quite the day!