Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No thoughts in my head...

Oh, I have many thoughts in my head, but most of them revolve around schedules, new job information and how to keep my husband and children happy.  My friends were right:  my blog is suffering.  Can't promise this won't be the case for awhile but I will try, I WILL TRY!

I am an avid listener of Rosie Radio on XM/Sirius Radio.  I find her charming, funny, surprisingly political and even more compassionate than I remember from her TV days.  I never watched The View so I have no point of reference for that time in her life.  If it weren't for Rosie, I would have no idea about what is going on in Wisconsin, and what is now happening in Ohio.  There have been other writings on the matter at airbornepress, but for the most part mass media has not covered this major issue and this history making issue at all.  Instead, they are focusing every bit of energy on the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen.  Let's not even talk about the unrest in Libya, our own war in Iraq and Afghanastan or even the fatal earthquake in New Zealand.  What is on everyone's mind? Charlie Sheen.  It is infuriating and symbolic of the current state of our country.

On Rosie's show today she read a post by Linda Holmes at NPR, and honestly, I was moved and ashamed and in awe.  Who have we become and why do we care?  Go read this.  It says it all!

Now for some fun, go check out this. (Dad, I know...)

Hey, look, it turns out I do have thoughts in my head!



Anonymous said...

Good question: what have we become?
I am thinking of giving up news for Lent. After a day of Charlie
Sheen, it sounds like a reasonable thing to do!! Thanks for sharing
the NPR article. Good luck and great success juggling all of the
activities - I know you will do a fabulous job!

Anonymous said...

These are great thoughts. There is no doubt about it, we are a celebrity worshipping culture: at least some are. I think it really is a perspective thing. Look at FB. For many, I can't believe how they share their lives and am not at all a fan and yet FB is credited with fermenting revolution. I love your blog. Thanks.