Thursday, March 10, 2011


This week, Lilly is the "Superstar" of her kindergarten.  This means she is first in line, gets to take charge of certain duties and is THE SUPERSTAR.  She is having the time of her life and I, well, I am reveling in a bath of sadness.  I was not able to walk her in on her first day of being SuperStar or be part of the week in any way.

It breaks my heart to be a working mother.  I never understood the guilt involved in being a working mom.   Today, I do.  I am pawning Lilly off on people for playdates so I can have an extra hour here or there to send more emails or make more calls.  I had to give up my volunteer Wednesdays in Lilly's classroom because I have a standing meeting an hour and half from home on the days I should be the garden mom or the centers' helper.  

So many mothers, and fathers, all over the world deal with this guilt.  It is hard and unexpected to feel this way.  I am excited about my job, but at what cost is this excitement?

Lilly's Special Guest for SuperStar week!

I am thankful every single day for the help I have from my parents.  They keep this boat afloat!  I will either get over my guilt, or I will go back to being a full time stay at home mom.  There really is no better, or more rewarding job. 

For now, I am going to embrace this new career, and this opportunity.  I am lucky, blessed and empowered.  But still, I am sad.



Anonymous said...

Lilly and you are Super Starts everyday! I'm proud of you both! You will find the balance you're looking for, and we all support you, both near and from afar!

epaisley said...

When we are with our kids, we need to remember to enjoy it all. It does go by so fast. Happy parents to make happy kids. So follow your heart.

Anonymous said...

Why do all those kindergarteners look so big? Must be the Marin breeding...

Anonymous said...

It is all a big balancing act. I really believe it all works well if
a working mom is happy in her work because you view everything in terms of quality time, not just time. Lilly and James are happy,
laugh a lot and enjoy life. So, there are a lot of super things going on in their lives. Always remember to cherich the time you do have with them - not worry about the time you don't!