Thursday, May 27, 2010

We brought the typhoid....

We returned from our trip to Denver leaving a wake of sick and injured family members.  We managed to get Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Jim sick.

Lilly & Uncle Jim
This was before he inhaled three days worth of Zicam to get over being with our family!

James managed to give Grandpa a black eye.
Two days later, Grandpa had the flu and had to go to the Doc in the Box, Urgent Care.

Before the violence and the plague....
Grandpa entertained with bubbles. 
Notice Lilly's happiness...

Even Grandma went to the doctor today.  We are so sad that we left this trail of nonsense in our wake.  Next time, people will be prepared.  Hazmat suits and masks are necessary when visiting with us.  We are petri dishes of disease.

Everyone will recover and we will remember only the happy times.  Grandma & Grandpa hauling the kids off to the butterfly museum and the zoo.  James refusing to call Grandpa anything other than Grandma.  Lilly running up to her Grandpa and saying, "I love you."  These are the memories we keep.  The ones we treasure.

This is from Christmas...
But this is family.  The kids.  The smiles.  The love.



Anonymous said...

Great visit, great pictures and great memories for you and the children. it is all about sharing, isn't it? a few germs, a cough, fever, etc. all in the spirit of sharing with family and friends. so happy to have you all back in the AO. what a wonderful extended family for James and Lilly to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Are we blaming the James man. for this? I don't thing so. The Opa is the guy with the killer cough. Me thinks he might be the culpert or maybe he is faking it so
he can chew gum. I think JR is innocent.