Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two new pairs of shoes, or medicine....

For the past three months, my children and I have been sick in some form or the other.  It started with my walking pneumonia, Lilly's walking pneumonia, James' ear infections and today, Lilly's ear infection.  In between we have all had colds, fevers and other forms of sickness.

Today culminated in my third trip to the urgent care at the local university hospital.  I must say these people are great with care and getting us in quickly and telling us, yes, you are sick.  Hmmm, you do have a fever.  Oh, that must hurt.  Some days, especially today, I worry that people will think I have Munchhausen by proxy because I am constantly hauling my kids to the doctor.  I make jokes about taking to bed because I have the sniffles, but lately, it has been full blown sickness with chills, fevers and body aches.  My husband is over me.  I am over my kids.  We are a sad state of affairs over here and I am over it all!

When I took Lilly to the doctor today because she has had a fever for 36 hours and her ear hurt and she, the child of non-stop energy, was lethargic and didn't want to do anything. I called the on-call nurse before I hauled her in and since James was just diagnosed on Monday with a double ear infection and sinusitis, she said come in immediately.  Thank goodness we did, because Lilly is sick.  Ear infection and an overly enlarged lymph node.  Whatever that means, but we have to watch it because it could get infected and be very serious.

The purpose of this post is not to talk about feeling sorry for me, (but that is fine if you need to feel bad for me) or to feel sorry for us, or to tell us it could get so much worse.  It is to discuss the ear drops.  They were $149.  $149.  Yes, $149.  We are in a place in our lives that we can afford one dose of such expensive ear drops.  If we have to get many more, then, no, we won't be in the same place.  How do people of lesser means do this?  What about the people that have no money and have a special needs child.  How do they get medicine?  Do they forgo?  WHAT DO THEY DO?  I will think twice many times over the next time I think about health care reform and how the majority of the country can not afford ear drops for their sick, beautiful little children. 

James on Monday

Lilly on Wednesday




Anonymous said...

I am there with you on health care for children. to think there are
kids who cannot get over an ear ache because their parents can't afford the drops or even the dr apt to tell them they need drops. it is sad. your blog is great. very descriptive of a spring run amuck with muck! it is going to end soon, I predict. these dr apts
and drugs will do the trick!

Anonymous said...

What do the poor people do? Really, I'm going to find this out? Sad good postings. You are a really good writer.

Anonymous said...

Kids and I have been cycling through one cold after another as well, two trips to urgent care, 2 prescriptions. Mine were less than $10 each though! I would faint if they said $150. JD