Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5280 for fun...

We were on our way!
Lilly is a supermodel in training.  Help....

He missed the memo...
 It is on the top of your nose, not in your nose. 
Cool Tricks, Cool Tricks...

The flight was calm, except for having to avoid the hail and thunderstorms and the kids were great!  No one napped. 
Oh wait, someone napped!

We have arrived after a really long day in Denver.  We love coming to see our family and friends. 
The kids love their grandpa!

My family loves being in Denver!  It is more about family and friends than it is about being in a "place."  We have grandma and grandpa doting on the kids.  We have friends who love us enough to organize events where we are involved and the center of attention.  Well, if I am the center of attention all is well with the world!

James loves it too!  Lilly, well she just needs him to leave her alone!



Anonymous said...

beautiful..enjoy every minute. I
know family and friends will have
a great time with all of you being
there to love. Looks great! Now,
if James can just get those tricks
down, all is well. Have a great

Anonymous said...

Too too cute! And, well said, is about family.