Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh my....

And this is what happens... My father-in-law... Getting ready for the day!

We had the greatest Christmas! Lilly was just fabulous and J Raz, well he was himself. He didn't knock the tree over, so we are happy!

They read the best book ever written!

They And they went ice skating!


PS: I have looked at every picture of myself from today and I need to be on a diet. A face lift, a tummy tuck and a realigning of my neck is necessary! HELP! What the hell? When did I become so old and fat?

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving these pictures. This is what makes Christmas such fun as we've made it for our children. I think too that in our satisfaction at watching the faces of our children, we can pause and think of those kids in our own country where Christmas was "just another day." Sad and our own good life, without any drag, simple makes me grateful.