Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just like soup...

After my half day today, the work crew and I went to lunch. We ordered chips and salsa with some extra dip, some drinks and then our food. I ordered a crunchy taco and some tortilla soup. My soup arrived and I started to dig in with vigor. Um, to quote my co-worker, "You must really like Queso Dip if you are eating it with a spoon." Good Lord help me, yes, I did try to eat the table's appetizer of cheese dip with a spoon. I even went as far as removing the tomatoes from the top because, well, I don't like tomatoes. I will forever be known as the crazy chick who tries to eat molten cheese with a spoon. Please tell me you see the difference between these two!

I don't understand why I was so confused. help, I am still blushing.


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