Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Favorite Things...

Today has been just great! I worked like a dog in my big girl clothes. Made cold calls, emailed everyone under the sun that might want to use my company and enjoyed my children beyond belief. I am blessed to continually have support from my parents with the kids, which gives me the ability to work and feel stress free (not to mention financially free from child care). So I thought about the many things in my life that are my favorite. And here they are in no particular order other than I love all of them and are thankful to have them in my life, back in my life, and ALWAYS in my life...

***This last picture is a special amendment. She found me and I am honored that she cared so much!
And now, I can't imagine not knowing her.

Oh yeah, another one of my favorite things.... I love love love love this show and watch it every morning and every night. (Sad I know...)

Enjoy these bloopers which cracked me up! All of these, and many more are my favorite things.

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