Saturday, August 18, 2012

My ipad just died....

I am in a long term love affair with my ipad. And tonight, it left me. It happened in the middle of a book on my Kindle for ipad, and one saved tweet not to mention a Facebook update. I am lost. Sad. Forlorn.

I guess I will have to start blogging again. Yes, it was a sign from the blogger world to stop reading, stop browsing and begin writing again.

We are one week away from our bi-annual trip to Denver. This year, I have a plan to visit many restaurants and attractions that I never knew existed until I started reading a certain author's books. I will expand more on this next week and I am excited to share my adventures and pictures with all two of my readers (Hi mom and Jim!).

I missed this and I hope to be back for good this time. We shall see....


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Hi Sweetheart!