Sunday, August 19, 2012

I have been reading...

I started reading in May and haven't stopped. This is why I stopped blogging. Who has time to read and blog? My book choices have ranged from "those" books about Anastasia Steel to Gone Girl and back.

I wish I could say it all started when I was ten and reading was my life line. My dad would take me to a movie and then to pizza. I would read an Archie comic book and he would write the greatest American novel. It is my favorite childhood memory. I can picture us at the local Pizza Hut in suburban Atlanta reading, eating and just hanging. 

I majored in English and became a teacher. Life got in the way and I don't think I ever found my right path; until I was 31. I found my husband. He doesn't share my love of reading, but he does share my love of family. We have children who love to learn and they embrace the new. Lilly loves to read. And James, well when he figures out how to garner his energy into reading, he will love it!

I have an almost stalker love for the author Kristen Ashley. She writes the Rock Chick books and many other novels that are centered in England, parallel worlds and most importantly Denver. The places I can visit next week on our bi-annual trek to the Rockies that are central to her stories are on my list. Jeff said that we have more places to visit than we have time this upcoming trip. I wouldn't have it any other way!

One of the first places to visit in Denver happens to be the restaurant/bar where Jeff was a bartender when we met. I imagine a trip back to Brother's will be fun and sad all at once. When he left there, we began our life together. And what a wonderful life it is. We are blessed.

Watch for my adventures through Denver and beyond!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah! You are back! This is great! Welcome back!
Can't wait to start reading again!