Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Customer Service, it isn't a myth...

As everyone knows, we are dealing with a major renovation that is almost done. I mean, it is really almost done. The port-a-potty is set to leave my driveway in the near future. Not sure when, but it is. Today, we made major progress by having the majority of trash removed from the hills surrounding our house and into a dumpster sitting in said driveway. Ok, that doesn't sound like progress, but really, it is HUGE progress. I couldn't be happier and for the first time, in quite some time, I felt like the end of this process is near.

Because we basically have a new house, we are buying an enormous amount of furniture to accommodate our new space. We bought a bed frame with a headboard; the first for us, even after seven years. We bought shelves, toy boxes, bed stands and tv stands. We are full on grown ups at the old age of 40.

In an attempt to centralize arts and crafts for the kids, we even bought a craft table from LandOfNod. We also bought craft mats and made our new children's area a picture perfect replica of a page from their catalog. We were so excited to put the table together and were equally devastated to take the table out of the box and see it was damaged.

What do I do? I take to twitter. I tweet the picture and ask theLandofNod what to do. Jeff takes to the old fashioned phone to speak to customer service. Within five minutes, we are told to assemble our current table, use it as is and then when our replacement is shipped, we will take apart the current table and send it back on their dime? Um, what?

Does this happen anymore? Does a company really care about clients enough to actually take care of them and make sure they enjoy the product purchased? I do believe this company does. It is rare. AND I APPRECIATE IT! Thank you Land of Nod!


PS: No disclosure required. This is my experience. No one asked me to write this and I was not compensated for this in any way! :)


Anonymous said...

All sounds great - and in the process you got to meet a great company. Customer service in today's world - what a concept!!

Sara @ Periwinkle Papillon said...

The headboard thing is hysterical. We still don't have one either. That's a major right of passage congrats by the way!
and Land of Nod- love them!