Friday, July 22, 2011

My addiction to Twitter made James famous...

I have an unhealthy relationship with Twitter. I am on it all the time. Mainly lurking and reading other people's tweets, but sometimes I do a little tweeting myself! Over the course of the last year, this has lead to some actual friendships. I mean, I don't go to their houses and drink wine or anything. At least not yet because that would be fun! We just interact with eachother and share links and posts and stuff.  Jeff doesn't get my twitterness. What he didn't know was that it would lead to James' becoming a famous star on the interwebz.

I started following @imommygame for some reason. I can't remember why, but one evening I tweeted something and she tweeted back something that made me actually LOL. Instant fan! Turns out this lovely woman created an app for the iphone and ipad for children. I don't want to explain the whole game to you, but you can check it out at the imommy website for a full explanation. Did you go see? Whose precious little face is front and center of the imommy website? The picture is a perfect example of how great this cute little game is. Both Lilly and James have spent time together and separate playing with the different babies in each room. Weird that James' favorite room to play in is the one where he changes diapers. (He is now potty trained people. POTTY TRAINED! Maybe he misses the diapers.) Anyway, the kids enjoy the game and I highly recommend it to parents with small children.

I would like to apologize now if someone ever sends me a Goggle + invitation. I think it would be the end of me communicating with actual people. I would also like to apologize to Jeff for making him watch Big Brother 13, AGT and So You Think You Can Dance. He tries to hide from me each night. To compensate, I watched a documentary reality series on the San Francisco Giants called the Franchise. Does that count since it is still reality tv? I don't think so, it is sports. But it was really good!


**This is not a sponsored post. No one told me to write it nor was there any monetary or otherwise compensation. James was also not paid for being in cutest picture on the internet.  Neither were Lilly's legs.  Thank you and good day!**

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Anonymous said...

I did go to the site and I did see
James playing the game and Lilly's legs. They are instant stars -
that is for sure! How cute is that! Glad to have you back,