Monday, July 25, 2011

I won twitter today...

Last week one of my favorite bloggers, @backpackingdad put down the gauntlet on twitter. He made a deal with his friend @fiatluxsf, indie boutique owner of Fiat Lux Galleries, that he could get him to 200 followers on Twitter. The full explanation of the giveaway can be found at backpackingdad's blog and since I don't feel like typing out the entire process, should you be so inclined to see how this worked, go review the complicated (not) rules and regulations.

Guess what everyone: I won. I was randomly picked from over 200 twitterers (?). I won one of these beautiful rings!

I actually won. I never win anything. I will be visiting Fiat Lux Galleries on Saturday to pick up my ring and probably buy other stuff because I can't pass up beautiful jewelry.

I won Twitter today people! I totally won!

Update: as soon as I finished posting this, my newly potty trained son pee'd on my feet. So there is that!


**Not sponsored. Nobody paid me anything, blah blah blah!**


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - the ring is beautiful! Wow! A win on Twitter -that is a first for me. Great!

Carrie said...

congrats! that's a gorgeous ring!