Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My hero...

These days I have more people to thank than not.  There are so many that do so much to help Jeff and I navigate this world in which we have created; his work, my work, children and life.  We try, but without the help we receive every single day, we wouldn't be able to do it.  We are grateful and blessed, and we try to never forget it.

While I continue to count my blessings and think about what is important, I sometimes lose sight of how simply fabulous, brave and wonderful my husband is.  Today, while I was working and getting ready for a meeting, Jeff was perched in his office bringing home the bacon and sometimes watching the world go by outside on the busy city street.  One minute he was sitting there plugging away, the next minute he was grabbing the phone and running outside.  I watched as he went across the street to scream at a young "man" who was punching a girl at the bus stop. 

My first thought was "Oh good Lord, please don't let him have a gun."  Jeff broke up the fight while I watched through the window.  Here is MY MAN, willing to put himself at risk in a situation that no one knew the outcome.  The girl was fine; the "man" walked away and once again our streets were safe.

I forget sometimes that I am married to a wonderful, caring and great man.  I mean, I remember it, but sometimes I don't.  Our lives are all about maintaining calm and happiness.  The every day life makes the hero, the greatness, get lost.  I remembered this today.  I am lucky.  My children are lucky.  And the streets are safe. :)



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to someone I am so proud of everyday!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing man. He is my hero too... It is wonderful that you recognize him for the husband and father he is... you both are amazing wonderful people and I'm so glad you have eachother.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I would agree -
he is a wonderful guy!

Anonymous said...

I agree on everything. I think that we simply react. Thankful the nut didn't have a gun. Jeff reminded me a little of this soldier who just won the MOH. So humble and said, just do what you have to do. God bless Jeff.