Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A friend...

I write often about my family and my friends.  I have so few people who read this blog on a regular basis, that this really is just my journal:  a tribute to daily life and all that it entails.  I have more grammar errors and write too often in the passive tense.  I don't really care, because really, I gave up over a year ago making this blog something more than it is.  I am not going to "brand" my happymommy or try to make money off my blog.  Hat's off to those who can do this, but I don't have the social media prowess to make my space online a moneymaker.  And I am fine with this.

More often than not, I post pictures of our activities and talk about the struggles of daily life.  My constant whining about not having enough time, or being tired and often sick seem to be the underlining motto of here.

Saturday, I had a huge epiphany of sorts.  I am cutting myself some slack.  Work is going to be what it is.  My family, as always, needs to come first.  Being stressed out about not making enough sales calls, or setting enough meetings need to go by the wayside while my kids are out of school for the next few weeks.  I will work, but I won't let it be the end all be all.  I am in a unique place, and I will embrace this place, not kick myself to the point of ruining our days and my children's summer.  I am already happier and able to relax more.  All the while, I am selling more and gaining the trust of current clients.  It is an exciting time.

One of my friends, a close one as of late, hasn't had the luxury of being in a place of relaxation, or even ease.  I know she is an avid reader of my silly little space on the internet.  I want to share this with her and let her know, she will make a great decision.  It will be the right one, not matter what it is, for her children, husband, family and future.

Sometimes it is important to remember to share love and respect with those who impact your life, care about you and show that by just being a good friend. 

To all my friends, I heart you and respect you and am proud to have you in my life!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I totally agree with you. When you put first things first, other things line up in some order that seems to work. Enjoying the children this summer and having a very relaxed attitude could just make everything else, as you say, go 100 times better.
It is a great philosophy - good luck with each day! I think that is how this works!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Rachael! And thank you! You are right, I am normally an avid reader of your blog but all this decision making and job changing has thrown me off track! Nice to know you were thinking of me (though I did know that since you were always checking up on me, which I TRULY appreciate). Settling back in now, adding your blog site to the bookmarks of my new work computer . . . :)