Friday, February 25, 2011


Here is my driveway!

I am sure our neighbors love us!

It was nicely pointed out to me last night that my new job, and life really, is causing my blog to suffer.  I will try to be better.  I promise.

While I wait for words to overtake me so I can blog more often, 
here is the current state of our living room!
All kinds of cRAzy!

I managed to carve out two hours yesterday to spend with Lilly and Lilly alone. 
We went bowling.  It was fabulous.
She got a strike!
It looks like she lost her arms, but they are there, just moving really fast!

I can't tell you how hard it is to lose in bowling when they have the bumpers up so the little ones never get a gutter.  I would throw straight to the gutter, because you know I forgot about the  bumpers, and end up with a strike.  Lilly did beat me in the 2nd game and she was ecstatic.  It was a great way to spend two hours and much needed mommy/daughter time was had by all.

We are waiting for the snow here in the Bay Area.  That might be the most ridiculous headline of all time.  Hopefully, I will eat my words and we can all make snow angels on the sidewalk tomorrow.  (Gross!)



Anonymous said...

love it all! I miss your blogs and
am feeling happy that you are back!
Whoa! - the house renovation is moving at an amazing pace - and, love the addition to the driveway!
Colorful, eh? So happy the new job is going so well, the house is
moving along and Lilly got a strike at bowling! All good things!

Kris Mulkey said...

You're a nicer mommy than I am. I would never play bad on purpose so she could win.

Elli is as competitive as I am. She would know something was up.