Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lost that lovin' feeling...

Ok, I haven't lost that lovin' feeling since yesterday was Valentine's Day and I still have my decorations up and everything.  However, I have no desire to write anything.  I thought that once we were settled in our new, temporary home, I would be a writing fool.  I am commuting 20 out of the 24 hours in a day and exploring the neighborhood when I am not in the car so writing is not landing first on my list of things to do!

The kids are adapting and have even managed to get sick twice since we arrived in the big city.  A trip to Urgent Care is already under our belts.

James did start real live preschool two days a week and I am so excited.  He did great on his first half day and I am eagerly anticipating full days.  I already put in a change of schedule for him next year so he can go five days a week and no longer attend daycare.  As much as I love his little daycare, he is ready for school; learning and playing and being part of the community.

He is already musically gifted after only four hours at his new preschool!
School Today, Hey Hey! School Today, Hey Hey!

Enjoying Golden Gate Park!

The Carousel 

Sibling Love in the New Pad!


Anonymous said...

So happy about James' first day at school and if this singing is any
indication, he is in for an amazing school experience. How great is this! It all seems to be
working - new temporary pad, great neighborhood, new restaurants, great parks - wow! Good living!

Anonymous said...

try to give us 2 city experiences per day, one that would make you want to stay here forever(though sadly I know you wont) and one that makes you want to run back to your unfinished house in the burbs and live in a tent on the back porch til your house is done.