Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two funerals and no wedding...

I have attended two funerals in the last two weeks or so.  The death of a loved one or a friend is very sad, and even though we treat deaths as celebrations of life, it doesn't make it any easier.

Today, I said goodbye to a young man whom I got to know over the last year.  He was part of a committee I had the honor of serving on last year.  He was only 42.  There was standing room only at his service, and through the tears and laughs, it was clear that this young man was a special one.  He loved his family, his life, his church and his work.  He mentored young men at his alumnae and when times got tough for those young men, he would tutor them to help them stay in school.  It was obvious looking at the people surrounding me that he was loved.  A true inspiration.

Life is fleeting and treating today as your last one may not be practical or even do-able.  But what is possible,  is occassionaly looking around and saying, you know what, I may not be doing everything I need to be doing to make this my best life.  I am doing that today, are you?


And because this is a sad, meant to be inspirational post, I am posting two pictures here that I hope make you smile.  (They are recycled, and you have seen them before, but they are awesome none the less!)


Anonymous said...

The thing I've always received from attending a funeral, or visiting a greving family is that they seem to raise my spirits. I went there with the intention to raise their spirts, and fell short, they raised mine. It is indeed a celebration of life, we just need to pay attention!

Anonymous said...

I am inspired and I am smiling!
Love the pictures and feel you are
right on - if I am not doing everything I need to do to make this day great, get with it!
Life, in all its glory, is there for the taking! Enjoy and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Funerals/Memorial Service/celebrations.
Whatever people need to do for themselves
to handle it the best-my view. God bless them.