Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love Thanksgiving!  Love, luv, lurve it!  It means eating with reckless abandon, family and so many laughs.  This year, I decided to run the Turkey Trot in Golden Gate Park for some crazy reason.  So at 7:00 am on Thursday morning I will be heading across the bridge to injure myself.  I am actually looking forward to the torture!

After I run, I will speed home to cook, cook and cook some more.  The rolls!  The Green Bean Casserole, fake and real! The Apple Pear Butter!  The Beet Salad!  Jeff is in charge of the mashed potatoes!  We gather all our food, head back across the bridge and spend the afternoon with my family.  It will be so wonderful and not at all relaxing, but it isn't supposed to be.  Thanksgiving is about being thankful, food, family and friends!

James finds the whole thing hysterical!

I'll "see" you on Friday!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Thanksgiving wonderful?
It brings out the best! Now, if we
can all find something as funny as
James has discovered, we are set!
Looking forward to the day! Good for you - running the Turkey Trot!
What fun!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of doing the Trot too! We'll see if Ive shaken my cold by tomorrow morning! text me on your way over.
Jen D

Anonymous said...

Greatest blog. Happy thanksgiving. Wow!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite blog and I know blogs. God bless.