Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Five years ago, tomorrow....

Tomorrow marks Lilly's 5th birthday.  I think back about her birth and how I was in labor, well kind of, this time five years ago and finally, July 7 at 1 in the morning, she was born via c-section after 31 HOURS!  I remember Jeff's tears of joy, my sister's thankfulness that it was finally over and me, I remember very little.  It took me about three days to get over the 31 hours, the c-section and the horrible breastfeeding issues to truly appreciate my baby.  She was an angel.  So great and sleepy and lovely and she even smelled nice.  I couldn't believe she was here.

Lilly has brought me such immense joy these last five years.  Jeff and I adore her.  Yes, she is smart and sassy and speaks her mind.  Sometimes, she drives me crazy.  But, she is my daughter so what should I expect?  My Little Lilly:  Happy Birthday!

Now, let's talk about this weekend.  Jeff left Wednesday night for a five day extravaganza in the mountains.  He was so excited and I knew I would survive oh so many days without his help.  I did survive; but barely.  We had so many activities and events and it was 4th of July.  By the time he came home early, yes early, I was over everyone and everything.  I needed a break.  I am exhausted again just thinking about it.

We went to a BBQ at our good friends house but I don't have any pictures of that because, well James fell down the stairs and I was traumatized.  I did manage to kill the mood with my blood curdling scream as he fell though, so there is that!

The next day we went to a park close to our house that had a fountain and shooting water.  
The kids had a ball.
Oh look, James is eating.  Weird!

Then we went to visit our newest family member:  Miss Sadie...
Would you look at this???
The Cousins!

The next day we did a little church business and then we napped.
And off to the next party we did go...
This is summer! 

We ended the 4th of July with....
a little interpretive dance.

Tonight we make cupcakes so tomorrow we can celebrate five whole years of having...
 ...Little Lilly



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog. what wonderful pictures of a week-end that was truly filled with every imaginable activity. It appears that everyone survived and it all looks great when you look back at it. And, Lilly is 5. I can hardly believe it. As she has explained, life is going to be very different at 5 - she will be taller, first of all. She is great~

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! I'm glad you survived the weekend sans Jeff. James is so active and quick, I'm glad he is okay. He might have a hard head like his Grannpa!

Anonymous said...

I managed to take some good photos at the BBQ, but I think my efforts led to the stampede that ended in a stubbed toe and the true end of the party! Happy Bday to Lilly!