Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Techie Fun and other info....

Kind of like the internet, Social Media isn't going away.  For those of you in the "know" it is like second nature.  But for people like me, it is a foreign language, A LATIN if you will.

I can never figure out why when I tweet, no one twats me back.  My facebook status is often in limbo with no likes and no comments.  How do I fix my wrongs and make them right?

Carrie Actually Has the Answer.... At least she has a list to help get your digital life in order.

I met Carrie the other evening at a BLOGALICIOUSSF and CleverGirls experience and not only did I enjoy her in person, I have embraced her writing.  She has everything you need to know about organizing your digital life.  Take a gander.

And for one of my very favorite loved ones leaving tomorrow on a jet plane:  Be Careful.  Have safe travels and remember who you are.  We love you and cherish you and are already ready to have you home safe.


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Anonymous said...

Well, it is safe to say that I am not smart enough to figure out my digital life so I will have to look to you for help. Even after I see an article, or read a blog, I cannot put the information into practice. Fortunately, I am not trying to do anything too complicated and tweeting is simply out of the question. But, I watch you for
inspiration! Great blog!