Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A loss....

I have lots to share about this weekend and Memorial Day, but today I mourn the loss of a teenage boy I didn't even know.  I have written about mampundit before and her son Henry's struggle after an overdose and beating.  Henry passed away this morning.  He was 18.

Please pray for this family and if so moved, donate to the family here as now they have insurmountable financial mountains to climb.  Or think about donating to the new fund established in honor of her son.  In the midst of her grief, she decided to start this fund to help those who do not have money to get the rehab needed for their children.  All of the information can be found here.

I look at my babies and I struggle to think that one day they will have the ability to make bad decisions. It seems unfathomable! But it isn't, is it?


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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for this family and this loss. What a waste for such a young life to end at 17. Lost potential, hope, dreams..all very sad. If this mother can turn her loss into helping others, what a
great thing. Thanks for sharing this with me..