Sunday, August 3, 2008

I am trying to get better at this... My new week resolution is to update this blog every other day with my perils. I have a blog hero, sorry dad, whom I love to read everyday. After tmz and dlisted, she is my next stop. I am everything she hates, but I do wish she was my friend. She is an incredible writer, drop dead funny and brutally honest.

I have nothing new to report on my colicky baby report. He is still unhappy and the new, extremely expensive formula doesn't seem to make a difference except for making his poops a different color. (Exactly what Spotswood would hate...) Waiting on doctor to call me back after a message left last week to see if we can get him on some reflux medicine. I truly believe he has this, and would benefit, along with Jeff and I, with some medicine. I know we have to try everything else first because if baby mcscreamer doesn't need it, we don't want to give it to him. However, we are nearing the 7 week mark, and I am ready for this to end.

Tomorrow is big post partum check up. I am going to talk about maybe post partum mental issue because of my lack of bonding, constant crying along with child and easy to lose it problems. Hubby's words, not mine. We shall see.

Ok, longest post.. Proud of myself. Working out the writing cobwebs and getting ready to go. It is fun. Hopefully new week resolution will work.

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