Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have a colicky child. That's a little like saying you're a drug addict, but you are ready to commit yourself to a life of sobriety. I am ready to commit myslef to not having a colicky child. I love him, but seriously, when will it end? He does sleep for hours at a time, so I am lucky there. But three to four straight hours of screaming and writhing is killing me. I am constantly crying and everyone keeps saying it will pass in about three weeks and I want to tell them to screw themselves and come over and keep him while I take a vacation for three weeks. If one more person says to me that I asked for this, or that I begged for a year for a baby and Lilly is so great I was sure to get one that wasn't so much, I will punch them. How insensitive. Do you think it is nice after being sleep deprived and grumpy and stinky from not having time to shower for almost a month to hear this? NO!!


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